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Shortcodes of Yatra plugin

Yatra plugin has the following shortcodes and their attributes. If you copy the following shortcode, please paste as plain text into your editor.

Shortcode for Cart Page:

Yatra Cart Page

Shortcode for Checkout Page:

Yatra Checkout Page

Shortcode for My Account Page:

Yatra My Account Page

Shortcode for Activity Listing:

[yatra_activity order="desc"]
Activity Listing

Shortcode for Destination Listing:

[yatra_destination order="desc"]
Destination Listing

Shortcode for Discount & Deals Listing:

[yatra_discount_and_deals order="asc"]
Discount & Deals

Shortcode for Tour Listing:

[yatra_tour order="asc"]

Arguments for shortcodes: ( optional arguments)
order: asc or desc
featured: 0 or 1 or remove the feature argument

Tour Listing

Search Shortcode

You can use the following shortcode to show the search on yatra plugin.


Mini Cart

To show the mini cart on the yatra plugin, you can use the following shortcode.


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