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Showing 404 page after clicking on book now button ?

This might be the issue of not setting up proper cart page of yatra plugin. To fix this issue, please follow the following steps.

1. Create Cart Page with [yatra_cart] shortcode.

2. After creating cart page with [yatra_cart] shortcode, you need to setup the page from Yatra->Settings-General->ages

Please go to Yatra->settings->General->pages and Select previously created cart page there.

If this fixes still could not solve your issue, please clear the cache and disable all cache plugins and check again. Still, if you can’t fix the issue please contact us at mantrabrain@gmail.com with your website details, so that our technical team will help you to fix the issue.

Empty Cart, Cart can’t updated & Your tour cart is empty message.

It seems there might be caching issue on the website. Disable the cache plugin and check again. If you are using the lightspeed cache plugin. Please add cart and checkout page URL on lightspeed cache plugin exclude settings as follows. You can disable caching for these two URLs for your other caching plugins too.

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